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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Email Of The Day:

This particular email actually comes from BBB. I emailed him a couple of questions just to see what type of response this company could actually come up with. I asked him to persuade me or give me an reason why I should purchase with his company instead of Dime Curves and also why he hasn't posted any before and after pictures. Number one, before I do start my rant, let me state this. Whoever writes the emails at this company is a complete and utter jerk. Just his whole composure and attitude that he expressed to an potential customer is un-professional. I was literally taken back by the response I received:

** The following email is not a joke! This was not altered or re-written for this blog. This is exactly how I received the email message in my inbox**

Hello ********,

You're kidding me right? Comparing us to Nickle Curves is an insult. That's like comparing a Replica Jersey to an Authentic one. That's like comparing Coby to Sony. That's like comparing tap water to bottled water. Their prices are more economical because they are cheap, they don't even have their ingredients on their website, or what about pictures of their product? Wow Nickle Curves has before and after pictures but somehow cannot seem to put up pictures of their product. Our prices are not high, they are affordable! Our 6 month supply is $400, $400 is nothing compared to the amazing hourglass shape you are going to achieve. We do not have before and after photos because people kept stealing them and posting them on other websites. Go right ahead and choose Dime Curves, and we will be here 6 months from now with the "I told you so's". Same Quality huh? Yeah sure they do (they don't even post ingredients but somehow you are convinced that they have the same quality). Ohhhhhh we are obvious with scamming a customer out of money? Im not trying to be rude or anything but are you blind? Have you compared our website with theirs? They don't even have a company logo? What type of company doesn't have a logo or trademark? Their pictures don't even blend in with the background, my 6 yr old nephew can design a website better than that. I really hope you were joking. Because we are extremely insulted by comparing us with Nickle Curves. Either way, Thank you for your comments.


Wow! He basically attacked me! It's not like I pulled his chain either. I'm not an complete a**hole, I emailed him with respect and he got offended when I asked him to give me a reason why his company deserves my money! To all those reading this post, go ahead and compare the two sites and tell me which one looks like it's catering to what you want. I'm not sure how long it has been since this guy has taken a look at the Dime Curves site but they do have their ingredients posted. They do have their company logo at the top of the screen. They also have a picture of their bottle posted on their website. Why did this person have to respond in such an negative manner. I encourage all to email Dime Curves a question, any question. I bet my last dollar that would do good at the McDonald's dollar menu, just to prove that they would never respond to your email as if you are not an potential customer, but like your child molester that asked to baby sit their kid. What was the reason to that. I think that before a company can charge outrageous prices and ridiculous guidelines that they should really learned how to communicate with customers. As for his response to the before and after pics? LOL... what in the world? What type of straight up dodging is that? Who is stealing the pics BBB? Who the hell is stealing your non-existent pics. You never had them up and why would you try to steer around the question and bash the other company. Your full of it!!!
I have emailed him back asking if he could email me before and afters, so I can feel comfortable. I keep you posted with his response.... If I get one!

Did BBB raise the prices of their product?

Dime Curves is not a company to bash or dwell in what the competitors are doing. However, they receive numerous inquiries as to why this is company raising their prices. Dime Curves understand that with the times that we are in that you would like to spend your hard earned on a product that actually work for you. I know alot of their customers wonder if this is just a rumor, but no it's true. After careful investing I have learned that BBB has indeed raised their prices and changed within the amount of time that you will see results in. The price change has been raised from eighty dollars to a hundred dollars. His guidelines has also changed from six months to receive the body of your dreams to a year. What's the excuse for that? Why would his prices AND guidelines change? Well the most logical reason that I personally could come up with is because with this particular company, it's all about money. Not helping those achieve the body of their dreams. Only about the almighty dollar. It is completely understandable that you have to make money to run an company but come on, compare the two:


One Bottle: $99.99

Two Bottles: $149.98

Four Bottles: $279.97

Five Bottles: $344.96

Six Bottles: $399.95

Twelve Bottles: $749.94


1 Month Supply
2 Month Supply
3 Month Supply
4 Month Supply
6 Month Supply
9 Month Order

Do you see the difference? I know I wouldn't spend a damn dime on a company that cost that damn much and doesn't have before and after pictures to back up what they sell. You mean to tell me that people have been taking your product for twelve months and there is not proof that this works! I think that the obvisously high company that call themselves BBB stands for Big Bunch of Bullsh*t! I'll keep you posted on this situation.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Email Of The Day:

****Dime Curves understand that before you spend your hard earned that you would like to know what type of company your giving it to. That's why we want to provide you with an email a day to be completely honest and truthful to all of our customers. You are number one to us and we truly value your all feedback.****

****We will provide you with a email that we receive on an daily basis, so you can have an glance into how Dime Curves can work for you. Because of privacy laws, we will not publish any names nor email addresses for all discreet request.****

****The emails that will be publish will not be re-written in anyway. Please leave all feedback in the comment section or if you have any questions, please feel free to email us @ We always love to hear from you, the customer.****


I ordered a one month of dimes curves a month ago and I haven't seen any results yet and I stopped taking the pills. From my understanding there is a money back guarantee. I haven't seen results yet and i've already been taking them a month.I would like my money back. You say you'll give back the money but only on a 6 month supply.I can send you the unfinished product. If you give me your address I will BE GLAD to send the unused pills back and I WOULD LIKE my money back..


DC's Response:

Thank you for contacting Dime Curves! We appreciate your inquiry.

Dime Curves does not want our customers to feel as if we have lied to them or mislead them in anyway. Our decision not to refund your purchase is within the guidelines of ordering with Dime Curves. Our refund policy has not changed and has been presented to all customers at all times. We encourage all customers to read thoroughly through our website before they place an purchase with our company.

We understand that you have ordered an one month with us and we want you to remember that results are not going to appear overnight. You have to stimulate patience and make an longer commitment than one month to Dime Curves. We only provide money back on all six months because six months is an sufficient amount of time for our product to work on all body types.

Dime Curves wants you to feel confident in what you have invested your money into. We can only hope that you give Dime Curves an long enough try where it can help you achieve the body of your dreams.


Dime Curves*

Within this inquiry was more information regarding our refund policy. We understand that everyone has their own unique body shape and type. It would be unrealistic to give every last one of our customers an specific exact amount of time of when they'll start seeing results appear. On average, most women experience results within 2 to 3 months of use. Changing the shape of your body takes time, patience, and a commitment to the product. Perfecting the shape of your body will not happen overnight. That's why we ask that you give Dime Curves at least six months so that you can acheive the body of your dreams.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy Our Customer's Privacy is Dime Curve's Only Priority Your considered apart of the Dime Curves family! We understand your concerns and want you as our member to have belief in the fact that Dime Curves is Purely Confidential!This document is for you, the customer of "Dime Curves" or "DC". Here is our Online Privacy Policy for the home of WWW.DimeCurves.Com.If you have any disapproval or dissatisfaction to the Privacy Policy, please feel free to let us know. We look forward to your comment and suggestions. Any petition should be minor, so we invite any and all. This Privacy Policy does not govern privacy practices associated with offline ventures or involving other companies web sites.The "DC" Privacy Policy & ChangesDime Curves respect that trust is most valuable. We respect that you would like to keep your identity safe. That's why we have a partnership with Pay Pal. Pay Pal is not only the most easy way to pay online, but the safest for your personal information. Pay Pal makes purchasing online a safer environment for you, our family. Fraud fighting tips, tools, technology and multiple anti-fraud systems that help you become a safe buyer.We provide Pay Pal to our members encouraging smart payment options, while helping you buy safely while spending your hard earned online. Pay Pal stands for Privacy to fight identity theft, also providing safeguard help.With Dime Curves, we give you fraud prevention and strong measures to provide protection for your purchases, and those are just a few attributes when you become apart of the Dime Curve family.Your personal information is handle with confidentially directly with Pay Pal. There are no concerns or upsets with strangers handling your private info. We now offer Discreet shipping available at your request!We handle our business with agreement and partnership of the Pay Pal Security Center. Pay Pal reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy whenever deemed necessarily and will always provide you of an notice of material changes within the home page of WWW.PayPal.Com.All personal information is collected only through Pay Pal. Only! There are no worries of "What If?" That unsure thought is never a worry with Dime Curves! The only peice of information that the Dime Curve staff will need is your address and email. To guarantee your shipment arrive to help you achieve the body of your dreams! Dime Curve's Use of Cookies When you visit us, you can browse the Dime Curves website and access Pay Pal's without revealing your identity. Dime Curves does use "cookies" to track the number of times you visit us. A cookie is a small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a Web server and can only be read by the server that gave it to you.Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it. Pay Pal requires authorization, cookies are not optional but recommended. If you choose not to welcome cookies, you will not be able to access Pay Pal.Although Dime Curves may use cookies to document your visit to the Dime Curves home, and our Web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, Dime Curves can not and will not, in no way use this information to identify you personally. With that being said, if you allow your consent for the Pay Pal website to "remember" the unique identifier that you ignite when forming an relationship with Dime Curves and Pay Pal, that unique identifier will be stored on a cookie on your computer. We offer this "want to know" information, so that you can have an better understanding of how we operate. Also to show you that we relate to your concerns and will only provide you with the best and safest services that you can find online.Privacy-Related Inquiries and Complaints Dime Curves has made an name in taking our members privacy concerns too seriously. If you have any objections to Dime Curves and have reason to believe that we have not complied with the Online Privacy Policy above; Without respect to your personal information, please feel free to contact us directly at All inquiries will be answer within one business day.*Never have the worry of third party marketers spamming or phishing your email address. Unlike other companies, we do not provide your email for anyone to access for promotional use.You can put your valued trust in your Dime Curves family, your personal information is safe and remains private. We do not share, trade or sell any of our member's private info. The information you provide will be maintained with the strongest measures possible, at all times. Our member's information is never to be disclosed to any third parties.Discreet Shipping:We now offer Discreet Shipping labeling, available at all customer's request. All of Dime Curve's purchased are shipped to you discreetly in plain packaging. There will be no logos or shipping information which will identify the product within the packaging provided. Receive shipment at work, home or school!Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Yahoo!, click here.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Dime Curves, a buttock enlargement supplement pill.


Yes! DIME CURVES contains 100% natural ingredients. Dime Curves were formulated as a safe alternative to life threatening cosmetic surgery. However, it is not recommended for use if you are anorexic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, clinically obese, pregnant, or currently nursing. As usual it is recommended you speak with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

How many pills are included in a 1-month supply?

30 pills are in a 1-month supply.

How do I take DIME CURVES pills?

For the mose effective results, we recommend you take 1 pill every day with a meal. It is vital to not skip or miss a pill after you begin taking DIME CURVES pills. In order for DIME CURVES to work effectively, you must be consistent.

How long does it take before I notice results?

Results vary by person. No set time frame can be given because each person is different. Results also depend on height, weight and age.


The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by FDA based on their safety and effectiveness. Most dietary supplements that contain a new dietary ingredient (a dietary ingredient not marketed in the United States before October 15, 1994) require a notification to FDA 75 days before marketing. The notification must include the information that was the manufacturer or distributor's basis for concluding that the dietary supplement will reasonably be expected to be safe. After dietary supplements are on the market, the FDA evaluates their safety through research and adverse event monitoring

How long do I have to take DIME CURVES?

After you have achieved your desired results you can stop taking DIME CURVES. Your results will not disappear after discontinuing the use of DIME CURVES.

Will DIME CURVES interfere with birth control?

Dime Curves will not interfere with any method of birth contol.

How much does Dime Curves cost?

For a 1-month supply (30 pills) - $59.95

For a 3-month supply (90 pills) - $159.85

For a 6-month supply (180 pills) -$319.70

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal

What is your refund policy?

We happily offer a 6 month money back guarantee on all 6 month supplies ordered only. If after 6 months after item is received, customer is not satisfied with their results, simply return empty bottles for a refund. Return shipping must be paid by customer. Empty bottles must be shipped back after the 6 months order period. Customer will be charged a 15% restocking fee as well.

Do you accept checks and money orders?

We do not accept checks or money orders at this time

Still have questions?

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you. You Can email us @


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